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Solas City Heroes is a Sexy superhero themed Beat em up, with optional adult content!

Fight your way through dark alleys, night clubs and secret laboratories, in your quest to become a hero!

The game allows you to create your own superheroes, customize their appearance and wardrobe, and set up your preferences for any and all adult content.

The Setting
In a not so distant future, in a virtual world where their inhabitants can feel all the sensations going through their body, some of them have started developing superhuman powers!

You are one of those, and have decided to join the Guardians, a group of heroes who always try to help others and save the city from chaos and mayhem!

How will your journey go?
Be warned, you are just a starting newbie with a set of very particular skills, and you may find some powerful, roguish or even sensual villains in your way!


  • Mr Zed's classic Gender/Role systems that allows players to select what kind of sexual interactions they want to see.
  • Over a dozen adult content settings to enjoy your experience to the maximum!
  • Options to turn off any unwanted content or features!
  • Classic Beat em up gameplay enhanced with some new elements!
  • Talent progression system to create your own fighting style!
  • Ultra customizable character creation, including hundreds of cloth pieces!
  • Amazing original soundtrack to beat everyone in your way!
  • Play through 23 Different stages!
  • Over 120 different adult animations to experience in the game, including BDSM furniture positions and threesomes!
  • And much more to come!

More about us

You can find more about us on our site:  https://skyflarestudios.com/

Updated 27 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorMr Zed (MrZgames)
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Beat 'em up
Average sessionA few minutes


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Only real request for refinement would be adding a clickable scroll-bar for the menus in the Simulations - in particular, for the "select bondage" options, given the sheer variety.

a question. What should i do if the rar can not be decompressed?

To those who read this. After thousands of years in my search, I have looked for a game, THE game that would satisfy me to the ends of the earth and after eons of searching. I have found that game. This is the best twenty dollars and money spent supporting this game I have ever done and there is not a game that I have not played that comes close to the sheer perfect that is this game. Does it leave some things to be desired like clipping? Yeah sure. Could it be refined? Yes. But is this the goat of all games at the moment. You bet your ass. I can't even begin to stop giving this game praise. THIS IS IT. This is THE game. Granted Hakkaku is coming out with some immaculately nice. I can officially say, this surpasses the bar in terms of the action side-scrollers of even KooooN soft.(They're also making a new game by the way.)

Listen to what I'm saying here. You don't get better than this at the moment, customization with the odd reference here and there.(Granted kinda sad there's no halo accessory) This game is the GOAT and I don't forsee myself needing anything else in life for a long time. This game could be thoroughly improved with updates but the base game is solid. I genuinely look forward to the next game Zed makes because besides what mateydev is making which is the only game in my mind with the potential to be superior, Zed can only do even better with Kinky Fight Club 2 and good god if there's as much effort in that game as this one I'm done for.

Buy it. Play it. Enjoy it. Embrace depravity. You're not gonna get a better game for a long time.

As for Mr Zed granted he reads this. I'd had my eyes on this since the start and supported it to some degree, including with polls. Your work is amazing. You have my applause. Good god, what a mad lad. Ony thing I could think of that'd make this better is a proper game over screen/better captured scenes. I can officially die happy.

Hello. First of all, I am sorry for using a translator because I am from a country where English is not my first language. If there is a rude expression in my writing, please forgive me because it is probably not what I want.

I've been interested in this game since I met the demo version, so I'm having fun after the official version is released and purchased. I'd like to talk about some ideas that I wish there were more in the game. If you like anything, I would appreciate it if you could consider it during the version update (the game is to make what the creator wants, so I understand that it can also be unpleasant to recommend). You may dismiss this as simply my delusion).

[About game options]
- (Enemy Genders) I hope the gender of the enemy can be adjusted with a ratio slider.
- (Hardcore mode) Separating the odds that the enemy will try to bind me. I hope it can be set specifically.
- I hope there is a gangbang mode (like foursome) that can be turned on and off. Normal play will be difficult, but if the hero is an experienced sexfighter, he may be able to hold out.
- (Bondage difficulty) If possible, I hope this can also be adjusted with a ratio slider.
- (Bukake) When a hero is down, I think it would be fun to try bukake separately in addition to trying bondage/rape.

[About the character talent]
(Basically, I'm having fun playing the sexfighter side, so the idea is usually that side.)
- It would be nice to have a special skill that is available even in a complete restraint state (or only in that state). It can't release the bondage, but it can restore maximum health a little bit, or there is some benefit to using it with succubus mode). I'm sure it's a good ability, so I think it should be located in a high level of talent.
- Or is it okay to implement gangbang mode as a high level talent that was mentioned on the game options side?
- It's realistic to be unable to consume "eating items" from the point of the gag bite, but there's a feeling that it makes the "complete restraint sexfighter" mode too difficult. You can take it in succubus mode only, but it would be good to have passive, special, or talent that can only restore maximum health slightly.

[Other miscellaneous things]
- It would be nice if the degree of cum attached to the body (or evaluated in the body) is implemented, so if it's above a certain level, there's a factor that affects the speed of movement or attack, or talent that uses that condition (though I'm not a game programmer, it seems difficult to implement).
- I hope there is a nipple chain or something like that in customization or restraint item.

I'm sorry for the long article. Your game is still very, very fun, so I want you to think of it as just "Wouldn't it be more fun if you had this?" rather than "Please do this?" Then be happy!

Another nitpick - training/simulation increases your submission/corruption. It probably should not.

(1 edit)

I noticed one issue - futa dick dissapearing whne using F/F animations. Make sense for dildos, not for a dick.

Also, a better way to implement a dick would be to have the skeleton have dick bones (which would not be weighted on the female, but weighted on the dick object, which should be treated as part of the body).

Optionally, you have have 2 meshes, one female, one futa, so there is no seems and it would look way more natural/better.

another suggestion - slider for proportion of active/passive enemies.

Also,simulation/training - should it increase submission/corruption? Should there also be ways to decrease it?

If I join the Patreon for full access, is it a one-time fee or do I need to be a continual patron for access to the full game? Will there be a pay version here on itch when it's ready to go 1.0?


The Itch.io app doesn't know how to download the game. I was able to open the page in my actual browser and download it from there, but...

Hi MrZ!
I've noticed that whenever I try to play the game on WinRAR, the "Cannot Execute" extraction error shows up. how can I fix this problem?

Hi MrZ!

Could you please add another customization option to the settings to transform all male enemies into femboys instead of only changing the appearance of those who have the passive role in combat?

I revisited this game and realized that the futanari option for female enemies in the passive role also suffers from this limitation. Let's see some futas play a passive role rather than active alone! :)

Why I never can to finish download? And the last time that I got it, the file dont opened. Someone more?


Hey MrZed, When will you update the Solas City Demo 0.6.3? 


On monday I will update to 0.7.1!

Hey Zed, why i don't see you update the new demo on this day, i have waited for a long time to play a new updating demo since 2 months ago because the previous demo had a bug with buttons in the menu, it wasn't disapeared on display when i started game. I feel very sad 😥


wait a bit longer.



The issue with the buttons is currently related to one of your characters save being corrupted. This could be because of a abrupt shutdown of the game (while it was saving) or a due to version progession (if your characters were from very old versions)
Try going to c\users\your user name\appdata\locallow\skyflarestudios and removing the character files one by one from the folder until the game works. 


any news on the demo being updated to 0.7.1? i understand this takes alot of time to make updates and such but you said "On monday I will update to 0.7.1!" and as of now it is Wednesday. even if its not ready an estimate would be nice. 

good luck Mr Zed.

Hi Zed, ever since after 0.6.1 (ie, beginning at 0.6.2), there has been a bug where animation would switch male-female (active - passive) roles. 

eg. for facesit / footjob, typically, if you set male to active, female to passive, female would be the one giving out facesit/footjob. 

However, after 0.6.2, this behavior shifted to reversed. ie, male would give out footjob/sit on top. Regardless of passive/active role assignment. 

hey Zed, there's a bug where the buttons in the main menu disappear. fix that please!


That seems to be a bug related to characters. I can't seem to find why it happens. 
I know it happened when updating from 0.5 to 0.6+ as the structure for some save stuff changed, but I can't find the exact error.

In the meanwhile you can remove characters from the save folder one by one until you find which one wrecks the game startup.

Mr zed i wanted to ask that can I change gender of my charachter after I have made my profile


is this a scam or can you actually download this?


can someone walk me through the download process I can’t get it to work

hey mr zed will you update the demo for v0.6

Hi, is there going to be a paid version here?

Also can there be a feature to limit/customize the enemies appearances?  I mostly want to disable certain hair options on the male enemies.

Hi! Can we get an updated Demo of v0.5 ?

Will this game be on Mac in the future?  Thx

How do you download this? Theres no application to open this up on my computer, so I'm a bit lost.

This is pretty cool! Models are a bit janky with noodly shoulders and some really harsh lines and shading in places but I like the extra voicing compared to earlier Mr Z stuff! Looking forward to release!

is it possible to set so the name over your health bar uses your character's superhero name and not the real name because that seems a bit silly?

also will the other guardians ever be available in the simulator or something for reasons

(1 edit)

Hi, I wanted to make a small suggestion: How about making coffee decrease arousal or restore a bit of the "red" health? It would have made sense, after all, coffee is energizing.

Also, will we be able to interact with the rest of the superheroes outside of scripted dialogues?

Mr Z , will this game come to the steam store eventually ?

Yes, once it is ready!

Is anyone else having a problem pressing the buttons on the menu? Like when I start the game I'm not able to click any of the buttons

That seems to be an issue with the savefile, I'm trying to fix it.
It seems at some point the save got corrupted and now it throws an error when loading the game, if you have more than one characters try moving their saves from the save folder to another one until you find which one is the problem. It usually is a file that suddenly got empty.

The saves are located at c\users\yourusername\appdata\locallow\SkyflareStudios


Hello Mr zed can u tell me that is the gallery or sex simulation available for v0.4f and if yes how do i open it?


It's on the training submenu, but it is not enabled for the free demo yet! 

Hi, could you try to make a version for Android?? please friend 🙏🙏

There is no way this game runs on mobile, it's too heavy!


this game is good :)

it wont let me download is it a big game

or get me threw the steps please and thank you

Since newer versions came out I haven't been able to try them because it only shows pitch darkness along with characters not loading. How do I fix this?

I saw this happened to two people already, check your video drivers, that usually fix the issue!

(2 edits)

I love the base idea of the game but I think the sex mechanics currently don't really do it justice. The first sex attacks are almost trivial to break out of and they get progressively more difficult the more attacks you take and the higher your ecstacy. All of that starts at zero. I think it would be better to:

 - Make the HP bar count a factor in how easily you can dominate or escape. This way the initial escape is harder and you get to enjoy a bit more sexy funtime while still trying your best to win.

 - Make dominating or escaping cost "HP". This would mean the HP is basically a stamina bar but since it regenerates, that's okay (could expand this to normal fighting too). This way you'd have the choice between regenerating while letting the enemies have their way with you or trying to win the sex fight at the cost of some HP. And you'd have a good excuse to enjoy some fondling while regenerating HP to either escape or take control.

 - Remove the regaining of HP by button mashing when downed. This feels unnecessary: just let the natural regeneration do its work instead. Could add some masturbation options to make "sex regeneration" work: I think the character should be forced to use sex for regeneration since that's the whole point of the game (also means you have to raise arousal to regain HP, moving the "damage" to another metric). Rather let button mash get you up at minimum HP (like when an enemy uses bondage gear on you).

 - Stop enemies from taking damage while fucking you: rather make them take plenty of damage (exhaustion) when they cum. This also gets rid of the weird "they cum when they drop to 0 HP and when their cum meter fills". Since you have the option to provoke enemy to fuck you, this would further push the sex fight angle too if you choose to go that route.

 - Stop regenerating when orgasm animations play (or make arousal and all continue during orgasm animations too). You basically regenerate fully if someone orgasms during a sex scene, which is kinda meh. Doesn't feel earned. Also, I don't think domination should reset: you cum while pounded, it feels weird that you'd somehow have an easier time getting free when cumming already takes some energy. The bar could reset just enough to get out of the "Full domination, can't press anything" but resetting fully feels kinda...unsatisfying?

 - Let enemies switch stance in sex fights (e.g. switch from foreplay to sex move when you begin to get close - but perhaps give them a random switch every now and then too). It would make the fights a bit more interesting and your weak spot a bit more likely to get hit.

Oh yeah, and one thing I really wish for is attacks where enemy grabs you while you're standing either starting a sex attack or letting another enemy start a sex attack. And perhaps let any enemy start a sex attack whenever you get downed, not just when you are at 0 HP.

That way sex gets better integrated and the 0 HP struggle when you have to get pleasured a lot before you have a chance to really fight back feels different (and more rare?) than fighting, getting hit and going back to fighting.

Overall, I love where this game is going and am looking forward to it getting finished! 

I hope you add  debooting and footjob with nylon/pantyhose:)

I extracted the contents of the .rar file, now what do I do?

(1 edit)

Hello, I was wondering if you can help me. I'm trying to try out the demo. But when I loaded the game my cursor doesn't seem to be able to highlight or click anything. Any clues? I've tried restarting my pc, delete and reextract and it persists

Do you have plugged a joystick or perhaps a second monitor? I think unity may have issues in these cases.

I figured it out, I actually had to find and delete the root gamedata folder to remove my player save from unity to reset it back to the factory default. Else it runs smooth.

Deleted 324 days ago

Not yet, but I want to add some of those in the future!

Alright. So I´m liking the game so far. Found out about it quite a while ago, forgot it´s name and couldn´t find it so quite when I saw a post on reddit about it. 

I liked the test demo. Quite barebones to be frank on what it had even for one. But the game is still on early development so it´s more than understandable. Still I think it has a lot of potential which hasn´t achieved yet but probably will in the future.

I like the fighting animations they´re simple and there´s few... But dunno.. they have their impact I guess? Especially the Kicks, the flying knee and the charging punch. They´re good.

I like A LOT that you can not only customise your character but have them be a dude. I´m usually left outside of the target of these games because I cannot play a character that really represents me on these games. Here I can do so by being a dude lol.

I also like a lot that you aren´t forced to actually lose to get the H-scenes. For real there´s an obsesion on these games for that, and in my opinion it just rewards you for losing. Here it looks like it´s an integrated mechanic instead which is cool, hell you even can defeat the first boss through sex which I absolutely did.

What I think should´ve improved? First off: 

-Character creation:

General Interface: Lacks quality of life things. Examples: for things like ears, mouth,  nose and face shapes... just give us an image. If not it´s super awkward remembering what´s what. For voices there should be the option to press and hear instead of sounding as you change it, Makes the process slower. For rotating just use the rotation of sex scenes, the rotation option is super akward and slow. 

Character creation for men:It´s quite barebones. The male model seems like a female model modified a bit. The boobs your character seems to have are nearly unavoidable unless you use some of the clothes on top and you don´t have the option to be bulkier, more muscuklar which is a shame really. Your torso is very thin... even at max size, we should have the option to be bulkier, the range  should be like this . Also the neck size should have a slider, neck size changes how manly a person look A LOT example of a rando I found online here . The traps change in sice too btw. but those should just scale to the neck or something dunno.


Okay the combat has impact and I liked it. I also liked the sex fights. But it´s barebones still. 

My recomendations are to focus on making it simple but entertaining, a good  core gameplay loop so that you wanna go through the levels and enjoy the fights for longer. Ideas on how I´d make that:

Punches lack range or hit detection not sure which. And they feel a bit slow yet fast?. I´d say replace the first attack with a faster and slightly longer range but less damaging left handed jab and then the actual punch combo.  Make it so That probably would fix it. 

Add combo´s. The easiest way is to not actually add them instead making kicks advance the punch combo and be able to replace any punch, without punches replacing the kick combo. Aka you throw a punch, throw a kick (you are let do that instead of an akward no attack window), you throw a punch and it throws the third punch of the combination instead of  reestarting the punch combo, you then throw a kick and it throws the second kick of the kick combo. This way punching and then kicking makes the first punch and first kick happen, but kicking and then punching makes the first kick and second punch happen. I´d also make it so if you´re pressing advance while punching your punches make you advance in the pressed direction. This so you aren´t missing so many hits, if you stop pressing advance without stopping the combo the next hit doesn´t advance.

The combat flow can easily be interrupted by your character going to faar on a direction while hitting making you miss hits. It forces you to stop attacking and reposition to attack again which is annoying. For that I´d  reuse the spinning elbow from the boss as a player attack so that if you are mid combo and press the direction key behind you while pressing attack, you do that and end up changing the direction your character´s looking with the attack looking that way instead being forced to stop attacking reposition looking towards them and keep attacking. In the same sense blocking feels akward mainly because the opponents attack a bit, just a bit too fast for how little telegraphing they have, but also because you cannot really cancel attacks and block, it definitively should have a small window where it can cancel attacks, bigger for punches smaller for kicks so that you can do it on reaction to your enemy attacking as long as you aren´t smashing attack wildly. And blocking should either be broken Sekiro style after enought hits stopping it from working momentarily, or just reduce damage not stop it altogether.

In the same sense enemies should feel a bit smarter on what they do. Feel not be obligatorily. Instead of everyone walking towards you like they currently do. For that I propose to just reuse player animations on them but every enemy having a few. Ideas are to have one enemy just walk towards you like they currently do. But have another one that only sometimes goes towards you and moves slower but uses player kicks that have longer range instead. Add one that runs around instead of walking and uses the player knee attack when close to you, then stands up and walks for dunno 3 or 4 seconds as to not be that annoying before running again. Forcing the player to block or be thrown back. if caugh without being running it probably should do a slower attack  or not attack at all to make it fair. Enemies with weapons that you cannot block would be good too.

More combat mechanics: This probably bought with talents or from the shop instead of you starting with them. The first two I can imagine is... Dashing. Simple dashes exist everywhere for good reason. Not a roll it doesn´t fit with the game and it´s harder to animate. Attacks having a window where you can dash canceling the attack and dashing instead. Past the window you cannot do so. Bigger window for punches, shorter for kicks. Mobile guard, let´s you move with the guard active at let´s say 50% speed.

Sex. The option to sex fight exists. But they still break your clothes first... I feel it should instead disrobe you directly for the scene and then go back to clothed. Because you are the one offering I feel it also should just let you go to the sex scene and let you pick the scene with the opponent. In the same sense it should just let you fuck fallen enemies to regain health and to be horny when you want to. This especially so  for bosses or minibosses.


The tutorial should be improved. It´s not good, It´s just a small text dump on the bottom of the screen that dissapears too fast for you to read everything. For not much more effort I reccomend a cuphead like tutorial on a training facility with holgrams before playing any levels. To make it not be boring you could make it so when it ends instead of just ending, the training holograms go wild or someone attacks the facility so you get to fight.  


More options on how to start. So... What I said on the fighting part first. If you are offering sex. Make it so they don´t break your clothes and give you more control over the position. In the same sense. Again let me fuck enemies that are on the ground. It really helps when you are into dominance, if this is on the game I absolutely missed it which would be a problem with the tutorial. 

The scenes drag a bit too long after completion and they don´t let you really skip them by that point. 

There´s no option to toggle sex preference. Or at least I didn´t see  it. It should not only exist but be easily to see since it can inmediatelly turn off a player making you loosing them. If you choose only women only women can be fucked and male enemies cannot or the other way around. Easy. If you gonna include trans content, aka futa´s, women with dicks,  cuntboys, men with pussies also allow them to be restricted with an easily and accessible click.  It´s a porn game. You don´t wanna lose a player because they where forced to see something they didn´t like.

-Sex fighting:  Tecnically part of sex. But complex enought to be it´s own point.

So there´s a bit of sex fighting on this game. It´s not the main focus of everything but it´s part of the core gameplay. I´d reccomend making it more interactible, while still making it playable with one hand like it is right now. This is because if not it becomes

 For that I´d reccomend a change, reward the player for being in their interest and punish them for not being on them, I get that logically being in the position you like would be the fastest drainer but that punishes players for enjoying what they like. I´d make it the other way around so that the player is actively engaged while doing so instead aiming at maintaining the level of dominace or submission they chose instead, being rewarded for watching what they like doing so, giving them more special and extra healing, and damaging the enemy more.  But if they are not in the dominance range they desire the enemy receives less damage and the draining of their hp bar starts coming faster. In the same sense I´d make it so enemies push the dominance bar to the side they enjoy instead of dominate and I´d make it so each button pushes you towards left or right on the bar. With specials existing to modify your enemy´s or your effect on the bar, your effect, your health draining, your damage on the enemy or your special gauge gain. 

In the same sanse I´d add it to be more interactible. You can absolutely kill enemies with this and it´s part of the gameplay loop so I´d make it so enemies don´t kill themselves by default though. Instead following the idea I gave before, pushing the bar towards the dominance or submission level you like damages them this way is active. The enemies constantly pushing it towards what they like instead. Similar controls so still with one hand. I´d also add the possibility of an enemy trying to leave a scene to just stop the interaction or change a position healing them and resetting the bar if they receive too much damage every so often, not every enemy doing this, so that low health enemies don´t just abuse it to survive, just sometimes after enought time happens. This is to, without stopping the sex action,  spice it up. You can let the change happen or stop it, trying to stop the change replaces the dominance bar with a struggle bar where you just drag it to a side to win by pressing it with both buttons or let the enemy complete it by not pressing makes it more interactable can be done with one hand.

PD: I know this is a lot but I liked the game so I gave my feedback... take what you like don´t what you dont I said so much because sincerely I´m hyped for this... It´s new. Yes the genre is overdone but games like this one with so much cuztomization and sex fighting, and an actual interesting premise (Althogh you really need to work on presentation lol). Not so much. So in a way this game is kinda unique and I´m waiting hyped for it.

Integrating sex to the core game, while trying to do something else is something very few adult games do. Usually it´s basically a porn dating sim with beat em up by the side, or all sexc are locked behind losing or winning. And they´re one or two non interactible low effort animations. Or cutcsenes.  

And hell the customization. Letting me make a character and live their story while having both sex and action holy shit man.

My reccomendations basically are: Give a better tutorial, make the Interface better and make the core gameplay loop. Make it so sex scenes are part of it while being entertaining. For this game having a good core gameplay loop is better than having a good story, an interesting cast of characters or anything. As long as who you can play as doesn´t disconnect from who you are in the story everything is good. Focus on making the core gameplay loop fun and adding more sex scenes to maintain interest.

the 0.3f version have the bondage system to try?

But you have to enable all the restraint options individually if you use it with an old character!

Looks awesome so far! Been a huge fan of your work! When the enemies pin you and you struggle for domination, is there going to be a system in place like in the fight club one where you can change positions or will we always be stuck in the same position, trying to dominate the other?


There is already one talent for that, it's on the right side of the talents and it's called Counter! 
(And this will be greatly improved in the next update with the possibility to have your own "preferred sex positions")

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